Meet the Storyteller

“When I listen to someone’s story, I see a puzzle just waiting to be pieced together. Through inquisitive yet thoughtful questions, I seek out those pieces and then weave them together into a work of art. A story—your story.”

Jennifer Mellace (pronounced Mel-a-chee) is a dynamic storyteller seeking projects that will benefit from her strong marketing background, project management abilities, and writing skills. As a published author, she has written hundreds of magazine articles covering a variety of topics from health and wellness to lifestyle and business. She has experience as a podcast host interviewing entrepreneurs and athletes and has been a copywriter for brochures, newsletters, and ads as well as a content writer for websites. In her previous roles as editor of both a well-known regional publication and a popular international equine magazine, she has worked with both writers and photographers to build the most engaging stories for readers. She also has experience in producing how-to and promotional videos and writing marketing copy to accompany them. If you’re looking for someone who has the ability to listen to your needs and then turn them into an engaging narrative for publication or marketing use, then your story begins here with MellaceWrites.

Jennifer lives in Frederick, Maryland, with her husband and three dogs and has two children attending college. In her downtime, she enjoys trail running and hiking with her dogs. To learn more about Jennifer, follow her blog “Miles with Bella.”