I have had the privilege of working with Jennifer Mellace in a professional capacity for more than 8 years. We have partnered on a myriad of projects—from magazine production to videos, podcasts, and educational events. She is a gifted writer and content producer, natural podcast host, and the ultimate project manager. She has the rare ability to balance productivity with flexibility and creativity. She is a pleasure to work with, even in the most challenging circumstances. Her positivity, can-do spirit, and uplifting sense of humor are a breath of fresh air. I would be honored to have the opportunity to work with her again in any capacity. 

Lindsay Paulsen

“Jennifer is the ultimate team player in absolutely every situation, and having worked with her on Dressage Today magazine for many years, we did encounter nearly every situation. She always took the high road and repeatedly sacrificed her personal comfort for the good of the whole. She eagerly stretched herself to learn new skills to accommodate a quickly changing professional landscape, and she is great with people. When I needed a keen but friendly eye to look at the manuscript for my second book, she was there. “Mellace writes,” yes, but she has many extraordinary skills. She’d be a great addition to any team.”

Beth Baumert
Author of When Two Spines Align: Dressage Dynamics 
Grand Prix Dressage Trainer

“Jennifer’s professionalism, wealth of experience, wisdom, and grace have shone through in all of our international correspondence. I first began working with Jennifer in 2013 when she was Managing Editor at Dressage Today. She was my point of contact when I had the first of two rider fitness articles published in the magazine. More recently we have been working together to create multiple videos for the Dressage Today OnDemand site. She has always been clear with her vision of the work ahead, consistent in her approach, open, upbeat, warm, and honest. I have observed her influence on the print magazine, and then on the online OnDemand platform, and found her to be a wonderful interviewer on the Dressage Today Podcast. I have felt incredibly privileged over the last 7 years to have worked with Jennifer.”

Helen Fletcher
Equipoise Pilates for Equestrians
Australian Pilates Method Level 4 Professional Practitioner

“Jennifer was amazing to work with. By adding just the right touch to whatever I wrote, she could easily catch my thoughts and put them into words. I have been working with Jennifer in her connection with Dressage Today for over 10 years. As a regular contributor, we worked on articles together and later created video series and put together plans for a symposium. I am hoping that we still find projects to do together in her future.”

Felicitas von Neumann-Cosel
Head Trainer at First Choice Farm