Paris is Calling

Jennifer helped Amy Benton, owner and creator of Paris is Calling, to write and edit the copy for Amy’s new website.

So, what exactly is Paris is Calling?

It’s a concept that was created during my Third Bloom—a time that allowed me to question what’s next and pursue a passion that has been pulling at me since I was young. Paris is Calling is more than just a name. It’s a feeling that has simmered inside of me since I was a child. A calling to The City of Light that began when I first saw the PBS Masterpiece series on Chopin when I was eight or nine, was only further stoked during my 7th Grade French class with Mr. Rybicki, and finally burst into flames when I first visited Paris with my dear friend Carol Ethridge who owns and operates Best of France Travels. My passion for this magnificent city, coupled with a lifetime of creating experiences and curating events, has led me to my passion project—Paris is Calling.

Learn more about Amy and Paris is Calling here.

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